Become a Dynamic Author

Did you pen the next best seller? Working on a self-help book that will change the world? Is your life story fit for Lifetime?


If so, we would be honored for you to be apart of the Dynamic Image family! We are currently accepting submissions.


1. Please send completed manuscript to

2. If your manuscript is not completed, at least three chapters must be submitted for consideration.

3. Put "Submission" in subject line.

4. In body of email, please give brief synopsis of the submitted work.

5. Attach the manuscript as a .doc or .pdf file.

6. Please allow 3-6 weeks for turnaround time.

7. If all instructions are not followed, your manuscript will automatically be rejected.

Our acquiring editor will review your manuscript before our committee considers it for publishing. Please be advised that we have a specific niche we are catering to. If your manuscript does not fit into the inspirational fiction category, it will not be considered.

Submissions are currently closed.

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