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We’ve been around for a while silently planning our literary takeover and we are so excited to share our journey with you. If you aren’t familiar with our movement, we invite you to check out our site and follow us on social media as we prepare to bring inspirational fiction to the world. Now, you may be asking, “what is inspirational fiction?” It’s is our own special blend of urban fiction and Christian fiction. We are dedicated to bringing our readers stories that not only entertain but empower and motivate. We are taking the literary world by storm as the number one source for inspirational fiction!

Dynamic Image Publications was founded in June 2006 by Christian Cashelle. With a vision and a finished manuscript, Christian planned to shop her first book with traditional publishers. After an endless search to find a publishing house that catered to her genre and style of writing, Christian realized there were none. With the help of her online community of writers, she founded Dynamic Image with a mission to create a space for writers like herself.

Dynamic Image's mission is to be a motivating publishing house that displays triumph and redemption as central themes in our literature and ultimately influencing the lives of our readers in a positive way. We aspire to entertain while motivating our readers to better themselves through stories of love, triumph, redemption, and faith.


In 2011, Christian won the Author of the Year award at the St. Louis Traffic Music Awards for her novel, My Joy.

In 2009, Dynamic Edits was created to aid all writers by providing quality editing services. Editors Christian and Jasmine freelance for various genres outside of the Dynamic Image family to polish manuscripts and other projects for writers.


After publishing her own titles for years, Christian welcomed two new authors to the roster in 2017, also branching out into poetry.

As we prepare to continue our quest to share our inspirational projects with the world, we want to thank all of our readers (in the US and internationally) who have read any of our titles and shared our love for the written word.


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