When All Else Fails: Ava's Story Part 2


After surviving a terrible rape and the death of her mother, Ava Daniels thought the worst was behind her. With a stable relationship with Sunny, her family, and even her daughter's father, Ava was content with her new life and didn't want anything to challenge that. 

Ava begins to have nightmares about the worst night of her life and starts to question her new stability. When the nightmares become too much for her to bare, Ava's reality starts to suffer and she soon realizes that old habits die hard.

Still trying to spark a career in the music industry, Ava hides her new side hustle from Sunny but realizes it was not the right choice and once again has to deal with the consequences of her actions. 

When Ava meets a new friend from church, she begans to search for a deeper relationship with God to figure out how to get her life on track the right way. When her new spiritual journey clashes with the life she's worked so hard to keep, Ava has to figure out how to merge the two and make it work.

Only problem is....Ava's past doesn't seem to want to let her go.

When All Else Fails, the sequel to Ava's Story, takes us on the journey of a young woman trying to find her way through a sea of bad choices until she realizes that one right choice can change it all.

When All Else Fails by Christian Cashelle


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