Only 16-years-old and Ava Daniels had already had enough of life. She fought her mom, her twin sister and a horrible reputation at school every day and Ava blamed her incarcerated father for it all.

Using sex as consolation became normal for young Ava, but after her mother forced her into prostitution in exchange for rent money, Ava soon realized she had become the girl everyone thought she already was.

After everyone finds out Ava can sing, things start to look up. She meets the new girl at school and they instantly become friends, giving Ava someone to confide in. As soon as Ava let her guard down, tragedy strikes and Ava is sure that she isn’t strong enough to deal with it alone.

After realizing there was no easy way out, Ava had to learn how to deal with her problems instead of running from them.

Ava’s Story is about the trial and tribulations that a young girl goes through in order to find herself. She realizes that growing up does not enable you to change your past, but learn from your story.

Ava's Story by Christian Cashelle


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