When Brooke wrote her ex, Rashad, out of her life, she vowed to move on and never let him back in. Now with a devoted boyfriend and a promising career as a future OB/GYN, she had all the pieces in place for a great life. As she begins to deal with personal convictions, Brooke starts to question her current relationship as soon as her ex reappears. While struggling with forgiveness, Brooke enters into a period of her life she never saw coming.


With the stress of not living up to his father’s expectations to follow his footsteps in ministry, Rashad became a smooth playboy with a controlling girlfriend fighting to change his ways. It wasn’t until his brother began to date his ex’s sister that he started to question his freedom as a bachelor and revisit one of the biggest mistakes of his life...breaking up with Brooke.


When these former high school sweethearts rekindle their initial friendship in the middle of their own turmoil, their collision causes a storm neither of them saw coming.


Will Brooke and Rashad be able to stand together after the storm settles or will their rekindled friendship end before it begins?

After the Storm by Nisia Skyy

  • "Amazing book!!!! Kept me on my toes the entire time. She really brought the characters to life. You need to get this book. Took me 3 days to read it because I could not put it down. Cannot wait to see what happens in the sequel!!!"


    "I really enjoyed this book from beginning to end. Great message, many powerful testimonies. I was happy to see these characters find peace and happiness through all of their trials and tribulations. Great read girl!

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