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Nisia Skyy: The woman behind the storm.

It’s not easy being a business owner. When you add wife, mom, blogger and author to that list of things to do, it can get crazy! However, our resident romance novelist slash Momsquire attorney is doing a pretty good job at juggling it all. It was a pleasure to pick her brain about her debut novel, After the Storm and all the other things she has going on.

CC: So far, After the Storm is getting rave reviews! How does that feel?

Nisia: OMG! It feels absolutely amazing! I'm proud of this project, and I'm happy that others are enjoying my labor of love. It lets me know that I'm heading in the right direction as it concerns my writing career.

CC: What does the average day for you look like?

Nisia: I have two daughters ages 3 and 1. My day varies from day to day. Usually, we wake up, eat breakfast, and then I drop the girls with the sitter. From there I take care of any matters pertaining to my law firm. Usually I'm following up with my law partner, responding to emails... the usual boring stuff. I then sneak in some type of writing for my Nisia Skyy brand. I shut it down around 4:30 or 5 and go back in to mommy mode. Again, this varies from day to day. My number one priority are the girls and making sure that they are squared away. 3.

CC: Which one?:

a. Ebooks or Print?

Nisia: Print. Nothing like the feel of a book in my hands.

b. Fiction or nonfiction?

Nisia: Fiction.

c. Coffee or tea?

Nisia: TEA

d. Pool or beach?

Nisia: Beach

e. Winter or Summer?

Nisia: Summer minus the critters that come with the summer. Lol!

CC: As a creative yourself, why do you feel it's so important for artists to be Moore legally responsible? (see what I did there :D)

Nisia: iI see what you did there! LOL! As creatives it’s important that we protect ourselves legally. A lot of us are doing this on our own without the guidance of any legal guidance. It's imperative that creatives make sure that they're not infringing on anyone's intellectual property (i.e., copyright or trademark), have a competent legal review of any publishing contracts, and making sure they are legally protected themselves.

CC: What would you say is your writing style?

Nisia: I would say I write conversationally and descriptively. I love to read books that can make me feel as if I'm there with the characters. My writing style reflects such a model.

CC: How do you overcome writer’s block?

Nisia: I have to step away and give my mind a rest. I will watch my favorite program or take a shower to help clear my mental blocks.

CC: What is the last book you’ve read that truly impacted you and why?

Nisia: I would say "The Hollywood Commandments" by Devon Franklin. This book challenged my thoughts on being a Christian who has secular success. The tips it provided were practical and useful. I will be reading it again!

CC: Which of your characters can you relate to the most and why?

Nisia: I can relate to Brooke in a lot of ways. I know what its like to date potential and stay in something longer than necessary.

CC: What is your favorite scene in After the Storm and why?

Nisia: Hands down the confrontation scene in Dallas between Rashad and his father. I couldn't wait to write that part of the book. I don't know what it is about dinner table that brings out the best drama scenes, but it works!

CC: What character did you struggle with?

Nisia: I actually struggled with Rashad. It was challenging at first writing from a man's perspective. I wanted to avoid him sounding too feminine.

CC: What’s next for Brooke and Rashad?

Nisia: I believe we need to know how their marriage is doing and what is life like with the twins. I imagine these life changes are huge and need to be explored.

CC: What’s next for Nisia Skyy?

Nisia: Looking forward to putting out more projects, doing more speaking engagements, and growing my brand!

Check out Nisia Skyy’s debut novel, After the Storm, now available on all platforms!

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