• Christian Cashelle

Createspace and KDP Merge

If you are a self published author, you’ve probably heard about Create Space and KDP. If you haven’t, here are some facts.

Create Space is a platform powered by Amazon that allows you to create your own product. It gives you the option of uploading music or books as an independent artist. There are several options and templates to help any novice, or you can upload print-ready files if you’ve been at it awhile.

KDP, Kindle Direct Publishing, is also powered by Amazon. It is were the ebooks are created. Last month, Amazon sent out an email advising Create Space and KDP users that they would be merging the two services. They had already been linked together, so this seemed like an obvious choice. Since these are services that we use, we are excited about some of the pros.

One platform:

Before, you would have to upload your manuscript in Create Space, go through all those steps and then be transferred to KDP to do the same for the ebook. That process has been eliminated which cuts down on time spent uploading everything.

Amazon appearance:

For indie authors, when their titles are looked at on Amazon, it will now show the paperback option and the Kindle option on one product page as different format options instead of separate pages. I think this looks more professional and creates a traditional publishing feel to it.

One royalty:

This is probably my favorite perk. Before this merge, there were two separate royalty payments delivered from Amazon. One for each system. Now they will be combined and sent monthly. There are a few bugs to work out. Our author copy order button wasn’t readily available when I first merged, but all in all, I believe that the merge will be a good thing for indie authors.

If you have had any experience with the merge so far, please feel free to share your experience.

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