• Christian Cashelle

Before you Submit

Yes, we are accepting submissions for publishing. We are always excited to have an opportunity to help someone become published and even more excited to welcome them to the Dynamic Image family. However, there are some things you should know and do before you submit your project to us, or any publisher.

Do your research.

There are tons of options out there when it comes to publishing. If you’ve chosen a more traditional route, make sure the companies that you submit your work to align with your project. For instance, if you’ve written a historical fiction novel, it would not be wise for you to submit your project to a company that only publishes sci-fi. Unless they are trying to branch out, it would likely be rejected. Even worse, not supported as it should be if accepted.

So do your research. Look at their current titles. Read their mission and vision. Check out their social media platform. Make sure it vibes with your vision before sending them your work.

Don’t send the first draft.

Yes, most traditional publishers will provide editing and formatting services. However, if your project is hard to read through, your chances of winning them over are slim to none. Make sure it’s as polished as it can be when you submit. Use general formatting rules:

  • Page breaks when a new chapter begins.

  • Paragraphs indented.

  • Regular sized fonts with regulatory spacing.

Don’t give the publisher a superficial reason to reject your work

Give a synopsis.

In our guidelines, we ask for at least three chapters of the project, but we do prefer the entire manuscript. In either case, a synopsis is preferred. Think of this as your book’s cover letter. What is it about? Who is your audience? Why do they need to read this book? Why should we publish it? These are a few points to think about when drafting your synopsis. It may not be the final copy that ends up on your back cover, but it will give the potential publisher an idea of what your book is about and how to market it.

Your potential publisher should also be able to answer any questions you have regarding their process if you both decide to work with each other. Make sure any agreements you sign are mutually beneficial. Know that this is a process and even if you are rejected by a publisher or two, you have accomplished a major goal of writing a book in the first place. Be proud of your work and protect it during the publishing process.

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